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Macosmi – Fábrica de Calçado, Lda. is a twenty year old shoe company.

It started with 12 employees distributed by multiple sections with the capacity to do 100 pairs of men’s shoes per day. Two years later, it started to produce both women’s and men’s shoes.


A strong and recognized team, with the ability, competence and high team spirit contributed to an important achievement in terms of development and creation, in order to satisfy our clients.


In 2012 we celebrated our 15 year anniversary.
Quality, being one of our major concerns such as for the clients, we decided to implement a Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2008, with the purpose of filling some small gaps.

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Macosmi would like to thank to those who made this last 23 years possible. Although it is impossible to reach perfection we firmly believe it is possible to get close to it. That is why we will never stop reinventing and surprising ourselves.

Rua Manuel de Sousa Oliveira nº 382
4795 – 476 S. Martinho do Campo
Santo Tirso – Portugal

Phone: +00351 252 840 080

Email: geral@macosmi.com


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